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Cat Hospitality – Cat Pansion

Avra farm provides an ideal hospitality centre for cats (cat hospitality-cat sitting) with an operation license issued by the Veterinary Service of State in which the rules and regulations for the operation of the animal hotel are in accordance with Greek and European specifications.

Cat Hospitality Wing

Avra farm is equipped with 3 autonomous wings which are bright and airy, fully air-conditioned with security windows. Cats will also listen to classical music while enjoying the view our special space has to offer.

Cat Hospitality Apartments

You have a choice between two types of apartments for your feline friend.

Luxury spaces

  • two stainless steel floors with a total area of 3 square meters

  • stainless steel or tile flooring

  • climbing frame

  • cat litter sand box

  • cat house                                    

  • cotton hammock

  • cat toys

Basic spaces

  • stainless steel area of 1.5 square meters

  • tile floor

  • cat litter sand box

  • cat house

  • cotton hammock

  • cat toys

We have researched and designed our cat apartments so that they are airy and safe for the pleasant stay of our cat guests. Cats are fed and cleaned up after on a daily basis and we make sure that their sand box and space is always clean, and their water is always fresh.  Avra Farm cat pansion offers a variety of cat food ranging from dry cat food to gourmet canned food. We also offer you a large selection of cat food brands.

Diet & Daily Care

A cat’s diet plays a major role in both the physical and mental health of the cat. That is why we give cat owners the option of choosing from a variety of brands what type of food their cat will be eating. We also offer options for cats that have been spayed or neutered.

Dry cat food and gourmet cat pates are what are generally available.  Whatever your desire, one thing that is certain is that your cat will never be hungry. We will do everything we can to make sure your cat has eaten a healthy, hearty meal that will leave it pleased. It’s pleasant stay will in turn keep you pleased as well.

Hygiene & Safety

The latest power wash systems are used for the disinfection our space, which plays a major role in keeping up with the guidelines for clean and hygienic spaces for all our animals, regardless of which space they are in.

All our cat areas are literally cleaned all the time during the day. After our guests return home their spaces are disinfected and thus the space for our next guest is in mint condition.

We provide full protection from any parasites while our cat guests are at our facilities. Our constant disinfection and the application of anti-parasitic prevention products on each cat secures a happy and healthy stay.

Our facilities are visited by our trusted vet on a daily basis. If in any case there is cause for concern for your cat’s health, we inform both you and your cat’s vet immediately.

Our facilities are enclosed with a 2.20 meter high wall. The inner part of the property consists of 380 trees. Olive, walnut, cherry, apple, pear and peach trees complement our property.

Specialized Staff

Our staff is chosen with strict criteria. Great emphasis is given on love, respect and consistency and behavior towards animals.

At our cat pansion, Avra Farm provides experienced associates who permanently live on our premises in order to be able to always keep and eye on the health and behavior of the animals 24 hours a day. This also ensures familiarity between animals and staff. Personal relationships form between staff and animal, thus making it a lot easier for tender interaction, especially for our cat guests!!

Many of our cat guests actually form strong bonds with our staff and therefor feel comfortable coming back to familiar faces on their next visit to our farm!

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