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Avra farm is an exemplary hotel-pansion for dogs, cats and other small animals, that operates under European specifications and guidelines. We provide the best quality services for the hospitality of dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals with free transport services to and from our location.

Avra farm has a state license issued by the National Veterinary Service of State in which the rules and regulations for the operation of the animal hotel are in accordance with Greek and European specifications required by the law.  It is important to inform yourselves as to why animal hotels must be licensed to operate.

You can find this information at: Π.Α.Σ.Ι.Δ.Ε.Ζ (pasidez.gr) or at diaforetiko.gr.

Πανοραμική Άποψη της Πανσιόν Ζώων Avra Farm

Avra Farm Animal Hotel has been operating since 1993 on a vast stretch of 22,000 square meters of our privately owned land which is located at Eleona, Thiva (75th km of the National road Athens-Lamia), with license number 197/24-01-05 issued by the National Veterinary Service of State, based on article N.3170 of Greek legislation in which the rules and regulations for the operation of the animal hotel are in accordance with the law. We have strong principles concerning the fact that our pets are not just animals but members of our family and should be treated with the utmost care and consideration.

All animals deserve to be cared for in the best way possible. We are deeply honored that our customers have shown us repeated trust by choosing our Animal hotel year after year. We guarantee the highest quality of care for your four legged or winged friends in addition to their health, mental state, appearance and physical condition.

Another one of our main focuses is on the precise and organized transportation of your pet to and from our premises.

At this point we would like to mention the criteria in which you should look into before choosing a suitable Animal hotel for your pet.

There are dozens of animal pansions (dog hotels) out there, which advertise and promote themselves as an ideal place for the hospitality of your animal, many of which are located in densely populated urban areas, don’t carry a state certified operational license, and do not meet the safety requirements needed for the hospitality of animals!!! So, before leaving your pet at any random animal hotel you may have come across on the internet, make sure the hotel is a member of Π.Α.Σ.Ι.Δ.Ε.Ζ (pasidez). If the animal hotel you chose is a member, it is obligated to post it’s operational license number on it’s website.

At Our Dog Hotel...

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction and of course your animal’s satisfaction, which is evident on it’s return home, as it refuses to get out of our transport vehicle and continue it’s carefree holiday at our hotel. We come across this behavior on a regular basis! Many of you, if you are our customers have seen it yourself. This is the greatest reward we could possibly ask for.

We absolutely understand the need animals have for communication and emotional interaction and that is why we make a point of creating close and personal friendships with our furry friends. Day by day, our animal friends are stroked, fed, taken on their daily exercise routine on 8,000 square meters of property that is exclusively for dogs!! Mornings and early evenings are the times of day that our four legged friends are able to unwind individually and under supervision by our specialized staff.

Online bookings are available on our website.

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